Policy Positions

Ban the Box

NAPBS believes steps must be taken to help re-integrate people who have a criminal history back into society and we support the intent of “Ban the Box” legislation. In 2015, the White House echoed this sentiment with the “Fair Chance Pledge.” We remain concerned that the current framework of fragmented and varying legislation at the state and local levels is not ideal. And we are also concerned about recent studies that initially find greater racial discrimination in hiring after “Ban the Box” legislation; this problem needs more study.

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NAPBS believes fingerprint-based background checks are a useful tool when conducting background screening, but they don’t provide a comprehensive history and should not be solely relied upon for obtaining complete and up-to-date information.

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NAPBS believes efforts to remove identifiers from public records due to concerns over identity theft are not only unwarranted but have unintended negative consequences. It is crucial that certain personal identifiers, such as full address and complete dates of birth, be available to ensure accuracy and safety.

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Transportation Network Companies

NAPBS believes that TNCs should help ensure the safety of their passengers by conducting background checks on drivers, but mandating fingerprint-based checks limits fair competition and the choices available to businesses

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